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News March 18, 2020

Customer communication

Green Insurance Business Update


News January 28, 2020

Intangible Culprits of Business Interruption

Risks are evolving and there is now a wide range of intangible risks that could cause catastrophic disruptions to your business.


Cyber risk insurance
News January 28, 2020

Cyber Risk Exposure Calculator

A great way for our clients to assess their exposure to a cyber attack

News February 5, 2019

How 'No-Deal' BREXIT will change driving in the EU

In the event of a no-deal, several UK driving laws will change—for both UK citizens and commercial drivers. All drivers are being urged to contact their insurer to arrange a ‘Green Card’, which would be required under EU regulations as proof of insurance in the event of a no-deal.

Mandatory HMO Licensing Changes
News December 4, 2018

Mandatory HMO Licensing Changes

The aim of this housing rental standards is to provide protection to around 850,000 people in privately rented homes from poor living conditions and overcrowding.  

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