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Unoccupied Property Insurance


Insurance for unoccupied properties comes in different forms, depending on the circumstances

This insurance could include a holiday home that is left empty, a property whose tenants have left and new ones have yet to move in, or a home that is being re-decorated or altered

Unoccupied property is typically defined as property left vacant for 30 consecutive days or more.

Premiums for unoccupied properties are determined by various factors such as the reason it is vacant or empty, the rebuild costs for alterations, where it is in the country, when a home owner has died and probate is in progress, and the level of security present at the property. Once these factors are known we can produce a quotation and arrange suitable insurance cover. 

If your unoccupied property is empty of contents, the building itself can be insured but if the contents remain, the building and its contents will be insured. These covers can be tailored to allow for extra cover for such things as deliberate damage and vandalism, as well as fire. This is a standard insurance policy that is often used to protect valuable property and possessions whilst temporarily vacant or out of use to help maintain its value, integrity and security and good investment.

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