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Property Owner Insurance


If you are a property owner, manager or developer you will require specialist insurance protection

Property owners and managers of commercial and residential properties are faced with a variety of possible insurance risks, from structural problems with the property, to disputes with tenants. There is no single policy that will cover everything, nor are there packages to simply buy off-the-shelf.

The value of the property and potential income you may be expecting from it warrants a careful review of the insurance requirements. There are specialist polices to suit all property types and owner needs and having an expert property insurance adviser, like Green Insurance, will make a big difference to the outcome.

We can help you with:

  • Assessing your exposure to risks
  • Planning the insurance of your property during its construction
  • Understanding policy wordings, exclusions and other complex terms
  • Arranging insurance for your property portfolio
  • Finding competitive terms and the most suitable insurers
  • Managing your claims

The job of insuring property is complex. Using Green Insurance as your property insurance adviser makes this onerous task simpler and more likely to give the level of insurance protection you need.

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