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Landlord Insurance


Green Insurance arranges landlord insurance at competitive premiums and on flexible terms and payment plans

If you are a landlord who owns or manages property or land we will advise on all aspects that may affect your insurance, from structural problems with buildings to tenant disputes. There is no single policy that will cover everything, nor are there packages to simply buy off-the-shelf. Having a broker like us to advise you on your options will make a big difference by saving you time and money.

We can insure landlords who require property owners’ insurance for properties with tenants who are students or DSS as well as professional working tenants. If you own a building or property and rent this out to either a private tenant or tenants or rent the building to a business, or a member of a management company or management association looking for property or buildings or flats insurance, we can arrange your this for you.

We can help you with:

  • Assessing your exposure to risks
  • Planning the insurance of your property during its construction
  • Understanding policy wordings, exclusions and other complex terms
  • Arranging insurance for your property portfolio
  • Finding competitive terms and the most suitable insurers
  • Managing your claims

Insuring property is no longer as straightforward as it might seem. By using Green Insurance this task is made simpler and far more likely to give you the level of insurance protection you need and at a competitive price.

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