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We provide professional advice in insuring your customers, your staff and buildings - providing you peace of mind 


Your business has many insurable risks for which it is essential to have sufficient insurance cover in place to protect you, your customers, your staff, buildings, stock, contents, and liability risks

Having professional advice to arrange this saves time, money and possible mistakes. We arrange insurance for restaurants, takeaways, cafes, fish & chip shops, and most other catering businesses engaged in the sale of food to the public. The risks faced by restaurant and takeaway owners vary by the nature of their activities, with restaurants usually catering for more customers for longer, whilst for takeaways the risks are mainly to staff and the likelihood of a fire on the premise. 

If a member of the public or your staff injures themselves in your restaurant or takeaway premises you could be held responsible and liable for damages. Equally if your fridge or freezer fails or you have a fire that prevents you from opening, you will want robust insurance to help you recover. 

Your policy can be tailored to fit your risks and circumstances, for a hotel, restaurant, guest house, B&B, or pub. By using insurance policies from insurers that specialise in this sector offers you many extra features as standard, delivering strong and comprehensive protection for your business. With solid insurance in place, your business quickly becomes easier to manage. 

One of our insurance advisers will be happy to review your risks and needs to quote for and arrange cover to protect equipment, furniture and fittings, buildings, money, employees, customers and the business itself from closure following a fire, flooding or similar events. Robust insurance for your business all year round is what you need and what you get from Green Insurance.

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