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Are you having structural work done to your property? This type of insurance can be complicated. Don’t worry, we can help.

We understand that arranging building works is complicated and stressful with lots of factors involved. Unfortunately, this area of insurance is often overlooked, however we are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Why Do I Need Property Renovation Insurance?

You would remain in control of the insurances and do not need to rely on the insurances of the contractor (ensuring quality of cover, payment of premiums, that there are no unknown exclusions or warranties which could result in avoidance of a claim).

Your home insurer may either withdraw cover or restrict the perils once they are notified of the works being undertaken which means your capital investment is not protected and any mortgage terms will not be complied with. If the home insurer is not advised of the works, the terms of the policy will not be complied with, and any subsequent claims will not be paid.

Our Renovation Insurance expert for the Green Insurance Group...

Clara Boyce ACII is one of the Account Executives at Green Insurance Group. She holds the Advanced Diploma in Insurance and she is a Chartered Insurance Broker with 20 years of experience in Commercial Insurance.

She specialises in Renovation Insurance for properties which are undergoing works, which is a very misunderstood field of insurance by the general public and brokers alike. Currently undertaking her Fellowship (equivalent to a Masters Degree) with the dissertation subject being Renovation Insurance.

Check out the video below where Clara answers a few common questions on Renovation Insurance, to give you an overview of the cover you may need when carrying out work on your property. Feel free to contact Clara if you have any further questions, or if you are looking for a quote. 

Introduction to Renovation Insurance Video

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