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Green Insurance have been providing insurance services and advice for business and private clients for over 40 years. With offices throughout Kent and Sussex, we offer a wide range of insurance services for commercial organisations, including specialised trades, and families, homes and valued possessions of private clients, each on competitive and flexible terms.

Our insurance advisers will take the time to understand your needs and identify and present the most competitive packages, whilst explaining the merits of one policy or provider over another to give you robust and competitive insurance on which to rely throughout the year. 

We enjoy close working relations with many of the best-known insurers who have each been carefully selected for their customer care, claims management and competitive premiums, to ensure all of our clients benefit from the reliability of their insurance policies.


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About GRP

Green Insurance Group is part of the Global Risk Partner Limited (GRP), specialised in Lloyds and London market based intermediaries, UK retail intermediaries and managing general agents and underwriters.

GRP is a top ranked acquisitive company in UK, focusing on brokers, MGA’s, teams and portfolios that operate on niche, non-commoditised, specialty propositions with strong profitability.

In 2013, Peter Cullum and David Margrett, both Chairman and Chief Executive of GRP respectively, founded the company.

GRP Group offers operational support to all the Group’s businesses and delivering for clients is at the heart of the Group’s family model. GRP family has the scale to negotiate exceptional deals for the client’s benefit. By working together with partner insurers, GRP has been able to enhance solutions and the products delivered whilst providing clients with wider cover.

If you want to read more about Global Risk Partners Limited visit www.grpgroup.co.uk


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