What is Property Owners' Liability Insurance and do you need it?

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Property Owners Liability Insurance protects landlords and property owners from claims made against them, in terms of legal liability for injury to a third party or damage to property arising from the policyholder’s ownership of the property.

Why do you need Property Owners Liability insurance?

Being a property owner comes with the legal responsibility of ensuring your property is well maintained and does not pose any unnecessary risks of injury or property damage to tenants, visitors, or even members of the public close to the building. Clear examples of this would be a tile falling from your roof and causing injury or property damage to a car or a visitor tripping on an uneven step at the property.

What level of cover do I need?

Every policy will have a limit of indemnity under the liability section, which is the maximum payable in the event of a successful claim. Legal costs that are associated with the defence of a claim are usually covered. It is important to make sure the limit of indemnity is sufficient for the risk, and we can provide general guidance and costs for varying levels.

There are standard limits set within policies from insurers and this is something we can provide guidance on if you are unsure the amount is adequate.

What will my policy cover me for?

Property Owners Liability insurance will provide cover to pay costs and damages that have been awarded to a third party should they suffer an injury, accident, or losses where the property owner is found negligent in their duties as a property owner in law. This can extend to hospital treatment and ambulance costs that have been claimed by the NHS.

How do I purchase Property Owners Liability Insurance?

Property Owner’s Liability Insurance usually forms part of a general property insurance policy. You can contact us for a quote or speak to one of our expert brokers by calling 01424 229767 or fill out an online quote form on our New Enquiries page.

Keep in mind that all insurance covers are subject to the terms and conditions of the insurer, so always thoroughly check your policy document to ensure you have the correct cover for your needs.

Make sure you are fully protected as a property owner by using Green Insurance Group. We can arrange insurance for property owners and landlords to give you the protection you need for your property.  Contact us today to find out the full range of insurances we can provide…

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