Do you own or manage a property with either 7 or more storeys or that is 18 metres or higher?

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Do you own or manage a property with either 7 or more storeys or that is 18 metres or higher?

If so, you will need to know about the new Building Safety Regulator (BSR) which has been brought into effect as a result of The Building Safety Act 2022 following the devastating tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire. The BSR is an independent body working within the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)

This regulation, among other requirements, gives duty holders known as “accountable persons” (APs) clear accountability and statutory responsibilities. If a building has more than one AP, the AP responsible for the structure and exterior of the building will be known as the “principle accountable person” (PAP).

In addition to their duties an AP or PAP must register existing buildings with the BSR which needs to be done between April 2023 and October 2023 – it is an offence if a building is occupied but not registered after this date. All new buildings must be registered prior to occupation. Sanctions available to the BSR include notices, fines and imprisonment.

There is a legal duty upon PAP/AR to prepare a safety case report for the building which demonstrates all safety risks have been assessed, including spread or fire and/or structural failure, and that reasonable steps have been taken to control them.  The PAP/AR must provide the safety case to the BSR on request.

This is a complex subject which needs to be fully understood and complied with. To learn more about your responsibilities you can find out more from the HSE here. 

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