We arrange motor fleet insurance policies for fleet risks of any size

Different insurers insure different motor fleet risks, so depending on your fleet or fleets we will quote you for the most suitable policies and insurers. We also use specialist fleet insurers for more unusual risks, so if you have a fleet with an unusual risk profile, we can help. At the same time, we can arrange policies that include selected added extras, so come and speak to us about Motor Fleet Insurance.

  • Motor Fleet Insurance

    Insuring your motor fleet through an insurance broker like Green Insurance makes sense as it will make the task of protecting your vehicles hassle free. If you manage more than two trucks, HGVs, vans or other working vehicles, we can insure them under one Motor Fleet Insurance Policy. At the same time, we can add all the driver name details to ensure your vehicles and their drivers are fully protected against road accidents, damage and injury. This will likely save money and certainly your time.
  • Selecting Your Policy

    There are many types of Motor Fleet policies and it is important to choose the one that fits your fleet. Our motor fleet insurance advisers are advising current and prospective policyholders everyday and will assess your fleet risks and offer you a selection of quotations from which to choose. With a motor fleet policy with the right level of cover for your particular fleet ensures robust protection, an effective claims service, and at a competitive premium.