Liability insurance for commercial organisations and tradesmen

Liability insurance for most commercial organisations and tradesmen is a legal requirement, making it an essential business protection for employees, customers and the public. Green Insurance can arrange a range of liability cover from employers’, public, and product liability insurance policies to suit your business, whatever its size.

Different trades and industries have their own risks, so it is important to select insurance that is both adequate and suitable for your industry. Our insurance advisers can advise you on your options and what levels and types of covers are suitable.

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for organisations with employees and designed to cover any legal bills or injuries which arise to any of your employees whilst working for you.

Public liability on the other hand is often required by tradesmen, as well as other organisations, for claims by the public or business for injuries or property damage caused by you or one of your employees whilst working onsite, which would be fully covered by this insurance.

Our tradesman insurance cover can also protect you against the loss or damage of tools and equipment which at a time when this kind of theft is increasing, is vitally important protection for continuity of your business.