Where’s Bleats & Blossom? | Shaun By The Sea

It’s always lovely to have a nice ending to a story, right?

Well, this is a lovely finale to our journey with Bleats & Blossom who we sponsored as part of the Shaun by the Sea art trail for the Martlets Hospice.

On the night of the auction, we were delighted to meet Lorna and her partner, Clive, the brand-new proud owners of Bleats & Blossom. It was a lovely opportunity for us to chat with Lorna and also, Claire, the artist who designed and painted our Shaun. We thought it would be nice to catch up with Lorna and find out a bit more about her decision to purchase Bleats & Blossom, who we fondly refer to as B&B.

How did the arrival of Bleats & Blossom go?

"He was delivered in mid-December (just in time for Christmas), and I’d forgotten how big he was, so a handyman was needed to take our front door off to get him in the house! Talk about arriving in style; B&B knows how to make an entrance.

Everything was a bit crowded with the Christmas tree and decorations in place, so he hasn’t settled in fully. Lorna told us she had decided he was going to be staying indoors, at least for the winter months. We knew instantly that B&B was in very good hands and would be living a dream life with his new guardians."

What made you choose Bleats & Blossom?

"Lorna told us that she had planned to bid on a Shaun the Sheep but hadn't quite decided which one. Having seen Bleats & Blossoms most often when shopping in Brighton and hearing Claire's description of cherry Blossom and its significance was so moving it made her mind up! She is thrilled with him and says he will be well cared for in Haywards Heath!"

How have your friends and family reacted to the arrival of Bleats & Blossom?  

"Friends and family who have seen Shaun (he's just called Shaun again now!) think he is great and were amazed to see the auction catalogue and to hear how much the sale raised for Martlets."

Has the cherry blossom design inspired you in any way?

"I'd love to purchase more of Claire's work. I now follow her on Facebook and love her quirky Japan-inspired badges and decorations. I'm hoping to see her stall at her next craft fair."

When did you hear about the Shaun by the Sea art trail, and how many of the sheep did you visit?

"I first heard about the art trail as I follow Shaun and Ardman on social media. I've been a fan of Shaun since he first appeared in Wallace and Gromit, and I think I have four Shaun the Sheep DVD's! I think we saw around 10 of the Art Trail sheep in Brighton, but B&B was the one we saw most often as we visited the art galleries and shops in that area."

You must feel very proud to own such a beautiful and unique piece of art, especially knowing you have helped such a worthwhile cause. Did you know about the Martlets Hospice before the Art Trail?

"I had heard of Martlets Hospice before the trail, and I often pop into their charity shop in Brighton. It was so moving to hear more about their work at the auction.

By the way, B&B says "hello" and is very happy to be indoors this evening and not out in the rain!"

We wish Lorna well for a wonderful future with her new friend Shaun, aka B&B.