Unoccupied Property Insurance.

If you need empty house insurance, things can get a little tricky. Theft, vandalism and water damage cover is now available for your unoccupied property - we can also provide contents insurance cover. At Green Insurance Group we pride ourselves in offering a range of products for your unoccupied property which include theft, malicious damage, storm and water damage, which are usually excluded from other policies.


If you own a property which has become unoccupied, you are probably aware of the difficulty you can then face trying to get a realistic quotation to insure it. Many insurers will not even provide insurance cover for an unoccupied building, and therefore specialist products are required to ensure you get the maximum amount of cover at a realistic price.


Green Insurance Group Ltd have access to a range of products for empty home insurance, empty retail shop insurance and other unoccupied commercial premises such as factory buildings and vacant offices, and can find you the cover you need at a competitive rate.

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) estimates that fires, theft and malicious damage in empty premises causes losses in excess of £100m each year. It is therefore essential you protect your unoccupied property properly, and the most important part of this is obtaining a product designed specifically for insuring empty buildings.

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