Legal Expenses Insurance

Businesses of all sizes have to operate in an increasingly complex business environment. In recent years there has been an almost relentless rise in the volume of business legislation from both the UK and Europe.


Keeping up with all the recent developments is now a full time job in itself. In an increasingly litigation-conscious society people are not slow to take legal action against individuals and companies. Legal fees, compensation awards or an unexpected tax enquiry can all undermine the financial stability of a company. A good Legal Expenses policy allows you to pursue or defend your legal rights in a variety of situations such as problems with employees, disputes with suppliers and tax enquiries. This cover is often available as an extension of one of our commercial policies or alternatively a stand-alone policy can be issued.

A 24-7 legal advice line is often available free of charge with these policies, these can give invaluable assistance even if a situation is not covered under the contract. Legal Expenses cover should never be viewed as a luxury, but instead as part of a company's armoury. Decision-makers who fall foul of employment law or who are unfortunate enough to be embroiled in a contract dispute often recognise the value of such insurance only after they have expended large sums of money resolving a matter in court and then investigating the cost of purchasing such cover.

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